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BVH_LG_55+ Virtual Mixed Lifegroup

Virtual Mixed Lifegroup

Tuesdays 10:30am

Contact Bruce Gorell for Zoom Link and more information.

BVH_LG_Daniels Mixed Lifegroup

Mixed Lifegroup

Meets at CVC
1st and 3rd Wednesdays
7-9 pm

*Resumes Fall 2023

Contact Stephanie Daniels for more information.

BVH_LG_Claughton Young Professional LifeGroup

Mixed Lifegroup for Young Professionals

2nd and 4th Thursday at 7-8:30pm at CVC

*Resumes Fall 2023

Contact Jessica for more information.

BVH_LG_Smith Mixed Lifegroup

Mixed Lifegroup

Every other Tuesday
7:30-9:00pm in Valley View

*Resumes Fall 2023

Contact Matt Smith for more information.

BVH_LG_Didea Mixed Lifegroup

Mixed Lifegroup
Young Marrieds/Couples with Middle/High School Kids
We are a group of friends growing together in Christ. Our focus is to build fellowship, stronger marriages, be better parents, and grow in our walk with the Lord.

Wednesday’s 7:00pm in Broadview Heights

*Resumes Fall 2023

Contact Ernie Didea for more information.

BVH_LG_Dick’s Mixed Lifegroup

Mixed Lifegroup

Our group is a collective of young marrieds, long time marrieds and singles. Most of the long-time marrieds have raised children into teens and adulthood.

Every other Tuesday 6:30pm in Cleveland

Contact Ron Dick for more information.

BVH_LG_Jacobsen Mixed Lifegroup

Mixed Lifegroup
Our group is a mix of men and women (mostly empty nesters) who desire to learn more about God, pray and serve together and simply be there for one another.

1st and 3rd Wednesday’s
7:30-9:00pm in Broadview Heights

*Resumes Fall 2023

Contact Gregg for more information.

BVH_LG_Green Mixed Lifegroup

Mixed Lifegroup
We are a Linked Generations group that highly values all stages and seasons of life. We want to grow together in the Lord through submitting ourselves to the Lord, His Word and one another.

1st and 3rd Friday’s
6:30-8:30 pm at CVC

*Resumes Fall 2023

Contact Nate Green for more information.

BVH_LG_Fucile Mixed Lifegroup

As married couples, we are seeking God’s Word to learn how to love our spouses well and how to use marriage to represent Christ’s love to those around us. Our conversations are often filled with lot’s of laughter, tears, encouragement and Biblical truth

Every other Tuesday 7pm-8:30pm in Parma

*Resumes Fall 2023

Contact Patrick Fucile for more information.

BVH_LG_Howard Mixed Lifegroup

Linked Generations Mixed Lifegroup

Every other Monday 7:30pm in Northfield

*Resumes Fall 2023

Contact Lindsey Howard for more information.