We love stories. We read them, we watch them, we tell them, we live them. But there is one story that is above all stories. This story answers our biggest questions – where did we come from? Why are we here? Why are things the way they are? What does the future hold? Is there help for today? Is there hope for tomorrow? The story that answers these questions is a story that involves us, but is not about us. it’s God’s story, and He tells us this story in the Bible and He shares this story through our very lives, each moment we live playing a part in the story God is writing. God’s story spans thousands of years, but is understood and summarized through four themes – creation, fall, rescue and restoration. That’s the short version of the long story that God is writing, and it’s a story that we get to be part of! Spend seven weeks with us as we review the short, but life-transforming, version of God’s great story to help you understand how your story fits into the grand story that God is writing. “Long Story Short”, a new message series at CVC, begins 11.7.21.