New message series starts 9.12.21

No matter who you are, you can’t escape the influence of your family. Your life is another chapter in the story of your family. The Bible itself isn’t a story about individuals; it’s a story about families. What families do, how families relate to one another, and the consequences. The Bible is honest about families – both the brokenness and possibilities. We can see in the Bible and in our own lives that if you have a family, you have family drama.

In this series, we will look at the stories of families in the Bible and what those stories say about brokenness, marriage, disappointment, sex, parenting, forgiveness, in-laws, and how we can pursue God’s design for our families. Whether you are a student, unmarried, parent of little kids, grandparent, or anywhere in between, this series will help you learn how to pursue God’s design for your family in order to see new life in the family God has given you.

No matter what brokenness you have experienced in your family, God as the perfect Father, Jesus as the perfect brother, and the Holy Spirit as your perfect guide will help you heal from the brokenness you have experienced from your family in the past so you can pursue God’s design for your life and your family.”

Join us for Family Drama, a new message series at Cuyahoga Valley Church beginning 9.12.21.